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Agorapulse: a crm tool to manage your asia email list commun

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СообщениеДобавлено: Чт Янв 20, 2022 12:21 pm    Заголовок сообщения: Agorapulse: a crm tool to manage your asia email list commun Ответить с цитатой

Facebook does not yet offer the appropriate tools to effectively manage its community. Several services exist to help community managers in their daily lives, such as agorapulse which offers a particularly effective facebook page management tool. I propose via this article to present to you the possibilities offered by this service… if you want to test for yourself go to this page , a free 15-day test is offered. You can log in via your asia email list account and then select the pages for which you want to manage the community. During the first connection, agorapulse will collect statistical data from your facebook page to analyze it and allow you to manage your community afterwards. Web marketing training once synced, you can start exploring the different tools agorapulse has to offer.

By logging in you arrive on the dashboard with key data on your community: on this first page, you get the ranking of your posts having received the most interactions, the qualification and commitment of your fans, the top fans, as well as asia email list on the general feeling given off by the different interactions: from the dashboard, you can access the various analysis and application creation tools and publish or schedule posts. Wall management... The first tool will allow you to manage your wall. Via this page, you can view all interactions or see only a certain type of action to analyze it (links, photo, video, comment). Here you see for example the comments. For each of them, you see the number of “likes” as well as the feeling released. For the latter, it is the community manager who will inform him.

By clicking on +, – or =, you can qualify the comment as positive, negative or neutral. By qualifying each interaction in this way, agorapulse will give you the general feeling that you will find in the dashboard. From the interface, you can asia email list delete the comment, report it or assign it to one of the page's community managers if there are several of you managing it. Everyone will be able to respond to comments that concern them. You can do the same for videos, images, and links, and categorize interactions by number of likes or sentiment to see which posts are generating the most interest from your community. Fan management... In this part, you can obtain a ranking of your most active members as well as information on each of them.

From this ranking, you can report or ban a user and get more information about their various actions by clicking on their name. You can see the user's comments, the number of likes, the sentiment corresponding to the actions and tag the person to gradually qualify your followers and have a more personalized relationship with them. If you use the apps, you will also get the data you have collected on this page. Statistics… the last tab allows you to access your page's statistics: acquisition of fans, visitors, page views, engagement... asia email list builder… agorapulse also allows you to create all kinds of applications to animate your page and qualify your fan base. You can thus create landing pages, quizzes, lotteries or even offer a gift (e-book for example) to download to encourage people to click on I like. The data collected via the applications will then be directly integrated into the community management tools as seen above. To conclude… I am really seduced by this tool, in a single space you find everything you need to manage your community. The interface is also very pleasant to use. The 15-day trial period allows you to get an idea of ​​the tool before committing. On the asia email list side, these range from 9 to 249 euros per month depending on the size of your community and the tools you want to have. I invite you to visit their site for more info, to test and to give us your feedback via the comments.
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